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            Our cooperative projects mainly involve M&A, consulting and markets analysis etc. Our current M&A deals include Indian enterprises of chemical and GRP (glass reinforced plastics) looking for an acquisition in China. We also provide Chinese enterprises of manufacturing, mining, chemical, technology and excellent enterprises in other industries with IPO and PE consulting service. With good relations with brokers, buyers and investors, we can guarantee the listing and the stability after listed. In addition, we make business analysis for Chinese enterprises exploring international markets.
            Since its inception in 1988, Orbixa has grown to become a leading service provider in the financial and technology markets. From its roots as a Direct Market Access Provider, Orbixa has since expanded into custom software, venture funding and consulting, management services, and launched a number of technology spinoffs.
        Today, more than 200 firms around the world rely on the mission-critical applications and business expertise Orbixa provides. Orbixa is a privately-held company located in Toronto with corporate campuses in Asia and South America.
            Born during the nascent days of electronic daytrading, the Orbixa network has grown from a single location to hundreds spanning across the globe. But there’s more than just sheer size. The network also provides unparalleled market access, lightning fast executions through a custom trading platform, and a host of back-office tools and services to help our clients stay focused on the markets.
        Cooperate with Shandong University of Finance and Economics
        1. Outsourcing Service Training Base
            To promoting the development of Outsourcing Industry and training the finance- oriented talents, we have cooperated with Shandong University of Finance since 2007.
            Collaborated and reaching an agreement of talents training with Shandong University of Finance, we established Shandong Province Outsourcing Service Talents Training Base. We hold annually international finance knowledge training and simulation competition in which students strengthen the study of international finance knowledge and improve the practical operation ability. It has successfully held the 5th with nearly one hundred students participating every year.
        2. Shandong Computational Finance Research Institute
            Established on 17th June 2011, Shandong Computational Finance Research Institute is affiliated with Shandong Financial Information Engineering Research Center. Based on our current business, relying on scientific research capacity and human resource of Shandong University of Finance, the Institute is aiming to undertake research on financial security and risk management in stock trading. Covering four disciplines of finance, computer, mathematics and foreign language, the Institute is specializing in financial risk control and management, computerized high-frequent trade and financial crises management. It aims at that data or image resources provided by our financial outsourcing business can be analyzed through various kinds of software.
            We have cooperated with Shandong University of Finance to train talents of financial outsourcing for five years. The establishment of the Research Institute provides a better platform for talents training. Supported by sufficient equipments, data resources and software, trainees are able to improve their work and study.  
            Authorized by Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province, relying on abundant subjects’ resource of Finance, fiscal, accounting, mathematics and information technology, etc, with cooperation with several excellent enterprises in relative industry, Shandong Financial Information Engineering Research Center is an open organization focusing on research of relevant theory and technology application on financial information and financial risk management, educating & training and consulting. At present, the Research Center is establishing an internationally influential institution with strong research capacity unified production, study and research, where issues in the fields of finance can be solved. It is gearing up to develop into a domestically well-known research center, an innovation base for national financial information theory and methods research, the incubator base of financial information products and service, financial information top talent training base, the pilot base of financial information industry and talent pool and knowledge base of financial information engineering research and application.
            Mr. Jeff Guo, the Director of Board is holding the post of Vice Dean of Shandong Financial Information Engineering Research Center and Director of Computational Finance Research Institute, who has been successively invited to be the Distinguished Professor and Postgraduate Mentor of Computational Financial School in Shandong University of Finance.
        Cooperate with Software College in Shandong University
            Since 2010, Goitsys has cooperated with Software College in Shandong University to participate in the project trainings. We were recognized as the Excellent Partner Enterprise in Training of Software Engineering- oriented Project. The project training helps students strengthen their team consciousness and communication skills. Moreover, students has also accumulated experience and improved their practical ability.
            Along with the finance and IT further contacted, new IT application in Finance field is increasingly emerging. A new course of Computational Finance has been opening since early in 2011 in order that students are able to access more practical knowledge such as the latest financial knowledge and IT abroad, as a result, this course has received high recognition from both school authority and students
        Cooperate with Victoria International College
            With rapid development of the financial outsourcing industry, requirements for outsourcing staff are increasingly high. We cooperate with Victoria International College to offer our staff training courses with respect to financial, English and Computer.
            Victoria Education Group is a major professional training & education group which provide regular educational courses and vocational education covering IT, foreign language, finance, accounting, etc. Striving to build a professional team of financial outsourcing, we provide our staff with various ways of training opportunities such as inviting powerful trainers to offer the on-site training, select outstanding staff to receive training abroad and on-line long-distance training through remote video system.
        The picture shows Jerry, the top instructor of Victoria Education Group is training our staff of English.
        In October 2010, we invited Mr. Edward Chong who is renowned as No.1 person in Chinese engaging in FOREX in Wall Street to Jinan to train our staff of international financial knowledge. In addition, we invite Mr. Chong to tour our partner universities in Jinan giving lectures about frontiers of international finance. 
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